Stef meeder - the happy organ sound

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Francisco Javier Garay Barrenechea is a member of the Spanish vocal group Mocedades, singing tenor and playing guitar, and is one of the so-called "historic six" members of the group. [5] Although Garay did work with the group during its inception in 1967/8, when it was known as Voces y Guitarras, he had to leave to complete his compulsory military service and did not become an official member of the group until 1970. [6] In 1973 Mocedades represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Competition in Luxembourg where they came in second place with the song " Eres Tú ". The song became an international hit and marked the beginning of the group's most successful period. [7] The member line-up during this period is known as the "historic six" which remained the same until 1985 with the departure of lead singer Amaya Uranga . Since then the group has had several changes in personnel, but Garay stayed with the group and he and Izaskun Uranga are the only two remaining members of the "historic six" still in Mocedades. [8]

Lady in subway could have been playing ANYTHING since the musc to “Hallelujah” was obviously added to the video and NOT HEARD LIVE – if it were there would be subway noises, people talking, etc. but the music sounded like it was played in a soundproof recording studio.

Stef Meeder - The Happy Organ SoundStef Meeder - The Happy Organ SoundStef Meeder - The Happy Organ SoundStef Meeder - The Happy Organ Sound